Meet Some of the Pastors

Pastor Etienne

Pastor EtiennePastor Etienne ministers in a large city and has 6 boys of his own plus is caring for several other needy children. His youngest son’s education was provided for through Burkina’s Promise starting in 2011 for which he is very grateful.

A typical pastors courtyard/kitchen

Pastor Pierre

Pastor PierrePastor Pierre ministers in an extremely poor area of the second largest city in Burkina. In addition to his wife and two daughters, Pierre provides care for another girl who needed a home. He supplements his earnings by fixing motorbikes with a meager set of mechanics tools. One daughter’s education was cared for beginning in 2011 which has greatly encouraged him.

A typical pastor's home in Burkina Faso

Pastor Apharis

Pastor ApharisPastor Apharis ministers in a remote village where he lives with his wife and five children. He found it impossible to pay for the education of all of their children and the oldest two were told they would have to leave school in 2010. As a result of a gift from Burkina’s Promise, these two students have been able to remain in school and are excelling in their studies.

The Alliance Church in Tchériba