Why Pastor's Children?

young girlNeed – pastors in Burkina Faso are dedicated preachers of the gospel, but in a country where the average annual income is under $400, they struggle to provide for their families. Sometimes they are forced to decide between having enough to eat or medical care versus paying for a child’s education.

Encouragement – by assisting them to give their children some hope for the future and helping to break the cycle of poverty, the pastors are greatly encouraged and it relieves them of some of the pressure of providing and gives them more freedom to minister the gospel to the families of their church.

Compassion – Pastors frequently demonstrate compassion to other needy families by taking in orphaned children from their church families, thus demonstrating the truth of the Biblical mandates to care for others. One pastor we met has 6 sons of his own but because of his concern for others, he has 9 additional people under his care.

Future Pastors/Leaders – The children of pastors have the best chance to follow in the Christian heritage they receive from their parents. Given the opportunity of an education, they can become the vibrant Christian leaders in their churches, business and government. Sometimes, children of pastors have been discouraged from entering into study for the ministry because there has been little hope for breaking out of the poverty cycle many pastors face.

Other Organizations - Some organizations that specialize in helping children’s needs throughout the world are administered through local churches. Consequently the pastor’s children are ineligible to participate in these programs to avoid any appearance of favoritism.